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Aquaman (2018)
A Solid Movie, with Stunning Visuals and Action
26 December 2018
Summary: it's another movie that is best experienced in theatres. Definte watch, at least once. FYI there is ONE end credit scene before the long end credits

Aquaman is the latest movie from DC comics that strays away from being a setup for another movie in the future. It stands together as a solid movie, with heart, stunning visuals and actions sences that are extremely cinematic but it's not without its cheesy moments.

Pros: Aquaman, himself, had a good arc and although a little underdeveloped, Mera makes an awesome debut. Same can be said for Black Manta, who is the standout character of the movie, with a good motivation for doing what he does and what he will continue to do.

Cons: Ocean Master aka King Orm, the main Villian has some great scenes, and some motivation that does not really blossom into something meaningful. The movie can get a little cheesy, especially with those close ups.

All in all, as I've said it's a solid movie that stands on its own, something that cannot be said for DC's previous endeavours. Along with Wonder Women and Aquaman, DC seems to be heading in the right direction.
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Incredible animation and a well executed story
19 December 2018
Summary: MUST WATCH in cinemas. Do not watch this movie on your little phone or laptop.

You have probably already noticed everyone talking about how amazing the amimation is, and all of it is 100 percent true. I find it hard to describe the animation and be able to justify how amazing it is, so go witness it for yourself on a big screen. The movie is funny and "over-the-top" in the best way possible. Soundtrack is really good.

Pros: All the characters are surprising well developed considering their unequal screen time, but off course this is Miles Morales' story first and foremost and he gets to shine. His arc is great and the ending to this arc is executed really well. All supporting characters are well thought out and have their own moments to shine.

Con: I felt that a few emotional beats failed to really hit me, and be totally invested in Miles' story.

All in all, Spider-Man: Into the spiderverse is an awesome movie to watch and I hope we get to see this type of animation further developed and used.
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Andhadhun (2018)
Surprises come one after another, and all of them are executed incredibly well.
18 December 2018
Summary: It is a MUST watch.

I did not know what to expect from the movie, except for that fact that I knew it was well received, but I was kept on the "edge of my seat" throughout the movie. It is a out-and-out thriller that is set in a amazing yet brutal world filled with individuals that have more going on than they initially let on.

Pros: Characters feel like real people which certainly helps the story feel grounded and well, real. The world the director creates is urging to be explored further. Cons: Now this is nitpicking however, I felt the movie could have been "tighter" in terms of the story telling especially towards the last act of the movie. Finally I felt the ending should have been less of a "happy ending" for our main character as a darker ending would certainly suit our main character.

All in all it was an amazing movie, filled with interesting characters and a setting that makes the characters feel grounded and brings them to life.
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Visually Stunning, lacking everywhere else.
6 December 2018
The movie starts with a great sequence introducing us to the post apocalyptic-steampunk world, and how it works. But from their on the movie is predictable and rushed, with story lines that you have seen elsewhere and executed better elsewhere. It's predictablility wouldn't hurt if the story and most of its characters were compelling enough to allow the audience to be invested and care. As the third act of the movie began I quickly tried to rummage through the entire movie trying to justify watching the movie and I was left with only a few reasons. One of them was the world created.

Standout character: Shrike, solid arc and amazing design. (You have seen this character in the trailer).
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