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Inception (2010)
Hollywood at its absolute WORST
4 June 2013
I had huge expectations for this film reading all its glowing reviews. And yet even before it started and the menu fired up, alarm bells were going off. Explosions left right and centre, great CGI.....all suggested a lack of substance. For the first 20 minutes, I couldn't believe just how bad this film was. Drop the viewer into a complete state of confusion to look good?.....except that this is always a risky strategy, one which a only few films have eloquently pulled off, the nearest comparable being The Matrix, which this most certainly isn't- although it tries so hard to be in terms of style and delivery. Yes the CGI and special effects are at times breathtaking. It's just such a shame that the storyline was utterly ridiculous, disjointed, confusing dispassionate and so very, very boring. Great effects DO NOT make for a great film necessarily. A note on casting. Like the film, this is truly awful....what on earth was Leonardo Di Caprio thinking?! My wife totally embraced the subject matter- she fell asleep and the only thing stopping me from dozing off was the desperate hope that that this film would improve. It didn't. Inception completely encapsulates all the worst in Hollywood. Utter rubbish.
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Better than I expected
27 May 2013
There was a lot of hype surrounding Kubrick when this film was made. Clockwork Orange clearly went for the whole shock value thing and so I thought this film might follow in that shadow. Add to this Tom Cruise's ego and surely....a recipe for disaster? Well...actually no. The relationship on (and off) screen between Cruise and Kidman is obvious from the outset and Kubrick films with a real talent towards a 'fly-on -the-wall' style. The inevitable scenes when they arrive are both erotic and yet extremely awkward. Pleasantly surprised by this film...and yet left wondering....why still rely on the 'shock' factor again. The Shining still easily remains Kubrick's lasting legacy.
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