Les Misérables episode one recap – it's the big muscle, magnificent trouser show!

How do you rewrite a story everyone knows? With Dominic West as the Incredible Hulk, Derek Jacobi as a pruning bishop – and the Tinder profile from hell

Magnificent trousers! A twirly-tached war hero saved on the battlefield! Pretty ladies drinking lots of wine! Revolutionary crowd scenes! A cute starving baby! Dominic West with a convict beard so large it has its own casting agent and dressing room!

You can see why the BBC thought it might be exciting to take on Les Misérables as reimagined by Andrew “Pride and Prejudice” Davies, master distiller of complex stories. It is a bold move calculated to take us into 2019 with a warm glow in our hearts and newfound respect for the BBC’s Netflix-embattled drama department.
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