Film Review: Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days (2018) by Kim Yong-hwa

Following the epic success of part one, the vast majority of the team returns in yet another action-packed installment in the celebrated webcomic adaptation which shared much of the success of the original. Expanding the mythos of the story while enhancing the action and spectacle, writer/director Kim Yong-hwa’s celebrated sequel arrives on Blu-Ray, DVD and digital from WellGO USA on December 11.

Attempting to settle the turmoil, Gang-lim decides to put the other guardians Hae Won-maek and I Dong-chun on trial in order to achieve full reincarnation. While he becomes tasked with preparing a trial for the rogue spirit, they arrive in the real world to deal with an insolent human, protected by the special spirit Seong-ju who are looking after the man and his grandson. As the two sides carry out a plan in both worlds in order to return to the Afterlife realm together,
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